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Artists, increase your visibility and influence. NokyART is the only art gallery available on modern smartphones (Nokia and Android) and open to all artists.

Nokyart Application : strong lift off in android land
especially in the United States, and in Saudi Arabia

NokyART app, available on Nokia and Android (Google) handset, has now accumulated more than 10,000 downloads. The good news comes from Android, and its market. since last month, downloads are significantly increasing. This is particularly encouraging because Android smartphone now represent nearly 50% of the world's mobile market share (and it's growing). Join the trend, upload your artwork onto this new kind of media, and enjoy the terms we offer to artists (3 months absolutely free with no obligation)

Welcome to new artists.
Register on NokyART the one online art gallery for smartphone

since the availability of NokyART, through this application :
531945 galleries have been visiteds
52118 artists websites have been accessed
7746 artists have been chosen as "favorite"
620 comments given on artworks
And the application has been downloaded from 110 different countries !

Access to NokyART for artists is now free for the first 3 months

To promote the system NokyART registration is now free for artists for an initial period of three months, with no obligation.

NokyART application now allows Android sharing

Android NokyART users now can "share" what they like in NokyART via twitter, facebook, SMS or by mail. Thus, when browsing an artist gallery, a simple click on the artwork you like and you share:
- The name of the artist
- The name of the artwork you've noticed
- a thumbnail of the artwork
In doing so, NokyART users directly contribute to the fame of the artist!

smartNET users can now establish contact with NokyART artists !

NokyART application users! up to now, if you wanted to report an artist about your interest in an artwork, you were obliged to pass through the artist's website, and we must admit, that from a mobile phone, it is not always so easy :-).

This issue is fixed, since NokyART has recently added the ability for everyone to comment the works exhibited. These comments, which are private (between you and the artist), are directly sent to the author of the work considered.
the FAQ section has been updated .

Use the brand new "NokyART news system" for artists,

Artists, up to now, you could exhibit your artwork through NokyART.
Now, you can go further and inform people of your news (next exhibit, a new artwork, a specific information, all you want to share with your public)

Connect to your personnal workspace in NokyART and discover how to do it very easily.
Also check for the "Artists news in NokyART" section of the FAQ, to have a presentation of this very inovative feature.

NokyART : a few lines

You've obviously noticed that the smartphones are assuming an increasingly importance around us. The forecasts are likely to predict that the Internet prefered acces way, will be the smartphone and not any more our old fashion computer, as early as 2011 ...
However, as far as they are pretty heavily present on the web, painters and artists are strictly away from the smartphone world. NokyArt is there to fill this gap and turn the trend!
how ?
you have necessarily heard the slogan "there is an application for that" (advertising Apple)
Well, NokyArt offers you an application on NOKIA and Android smartphones. And this application will offer you a top visibility on these smartphones.

How it works ?
The artists concerned with this concept, who want to be visible on smartphones, register on the NokyArt website, they provide a biography and a list of their works they want to exhibit (25 max) (everything is done online here)

The art lovers , and more generally all those who love beautiful things (and fans of Nokia and Android smartphones do!) will download the application on their smartphone and enjoy the artworks. They will put them as background images on their handset screen, talk around about them, have access to the artist's website ... (direct link to the application there )

Further explanations !
From the smartphone side, NokyArt is an application that allows the end user to:
-create and manage a "preferred artist" list, and for each of them
 -browse a gallery and comment the artwork to the artist profit
 -access a biography of the artist and his news flow
 -access the official artist's website !

The most innovative aspect of the nokyArt application is its ability to scroll continuously on the handset homescreen, galleries of your prefered artists.

Another great feature is that no update is required when new artists join NokyArt or when new features are added, you just get them and enjoy.